Abashiri Okhotsk Drift Ice Festival

Abashiri's winter festival is held every February. There are many spectacular snow sculptures, beautiful ice sculptures, and events!

The Abashiri Okhotsk Drift Ice Festival, now in its 59th year, will return to the Abashiri Commercial Port venue. Continuing from last year, we will be holding the event with the theme of "SAVE THE ICE SAVE THE EARTH" (protecting drift ice means protecting the earth), focusing on "drift ice" whose strength is decreasing year by year due to the effects of global warming. .
We will use this festival as an opportunity to spread the word about the current state of drift ice, its charms, and what each person can do to protect it, and we have prepared a variety of events to help you fall in love with drift ice even more.
Additionally, there will be an ice slide, which is popular every year, ice sculptures created by citizens, and a drift ice ring toss with prizes of seafood such as crabs. On stage, Yusuke Hasashi's singing stage, character show, and citizen performances are scheduled to be held.
In addition, there will be plenty of gourmet food unique to Abashiri, such as Abashiri Champon, Gibier Ramen, and Shijimi soup from Lake Abashiri, which will soothe your cold body, as well as a number of food trucks and stalls where you can enjoy a variety of menus.
Please see below for the detailed event program. We look forward to welcoming everyone! !


event date

Saturday, February 10, 2024, 10:00-20:00 (scheduled)

February 11, 2024 (Sunday) 10:00-16:00 (scheduled)


Abashiri Commercial Port Venue

~event information~

Event schedule

time time Event name
2/9 18:00〜

Drift ice festival opening party

(in Abashiri Central Hotel)

2/10 11:00〜

Opening ceremony


Alolan Vulpix Vulpix Greetings (for press)


After the opening ceremony

Friendship city special product gift
    (Cooperation: Itoman City, Okinawa Prefecture, Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture)

Cold resistance “radio gymnastics”

  13:00〜14:00 citizen performance

Alolan Vulpix Vulpix Greeting

*Shooting tickets will be distributed around 13:15 (limited quantity)

  15:15〜16:00 It's hot! Drift ice kayak pulling competition
  Sunset ~ 20:00 Illuminations lit up, ice and snow statues lit up


Kanicho muscle exercises
  11:10〜11:50 King Sentai King Auger Show
  12:30〜13:00 Yusuke Hasashi Kayo Stage

King Sentai King Auger Show

*High-five event will be held after the event!

  15:00〜15:30 Drift ice mikoshi & mochi-maki
  16:00 Closing
Always 10:00〜15:00 Drift ice sauna (paid/advance application required)
  10:00〜16:00 Okhotsk drift ice ring toss
    Abashiri District Forestry Association “Firewood chopping experience & bonfire festival”
    AIRDO soup distribution
    Ice Poke Lid Slide and Monster Ball Kamakura
    Drift ice trust movement

Regarding recruitment of Drift Ice SAUNA FEST participants

Morge MAX's tent sauna and sauna hut will take you to a new state in the extremely cold Abashiri! !

This year, there will be a talk session between AIR-G personality “DJ Ryuta” and professional sauna “Totonoe Oyakata” from Japan’s first sauna brand TTNE! I will teach you how to play from now on! * 2/10 (Sat) only

Location: Abashiri Commercial Port Venue
Price: ¥4,000 (includes 1 drink) *Please pay at the venue on the day.
Date and time: 2/10 (Sat) ① 10:00-12:00 ② 13:00-15:00 ・ 2/11 (Sun) ① 10:00-12:00 ② 13:00-15:00
What you need: swimwear, sauna poncho/gown, towel, bath towel, sandals.

Each slot has a limited capacity. Please make a reservation in advance here! !


At this Drift Ice Festival, we will be holding last year's popular live music event "ICE BREAKING MUSIC FEST" at the Civic Hall! !

Focusing on "drift ice" whose strength is decreasing year by year, perhaps due to the effects of recent global warming, the Hokkaido government is promoting a campaign under the theme of "SAVE THE ICE SAVE THE EARTH" (protect the drift ice, protect the earth). We will use the message of the Drift Ice Trust Movement in live music to communicate the current state of drift ice, its appeal, and what we can do to protect it.

Three artists will appear: Kaela Kimura, who is famous for the popular song "butterfly" used at weddings, Awesome City Club, famous for "Mubo", and BLUE ENCOUNT, who has created many popular anime tie-up songs. Masu!


Date and time: Saturday, February 10, 2020 Doors open 16:15 Performance starts 17:00

Venue: Abashiri Civic Hall (Minami 6 jo Nishi 1-5, Abashiri City)

Cast: Kaela Kimura/Awesome City Club/BLUE ENCOUNT

Ticket unit price: 7,500 yen

Ticket sales period: Advance reservations from 18:00 on Tuesday, December 5, 2020 to 23:59 on Tuesday, December 12, General sales from Saturday, December 23, 2020

Sales play guide: Lawson Ticket/E+/Ticket Pia Click here to purchase

Age limit: 3 years old or older/Elementary school students and under must be accompanied by a guardian

Contact: Mount Alive 050-3504-8700 (Weekdays 11:00-18:00)


Abashiri City Tourism Division (0152-44-6111)


Abashiri Commercial Port Venue

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