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About the links

In principle, you are free to link to this site. There is no need for approval or reporting if you post along the following items.

  • Please make it clear that you will link to the Abashiri City Tourism Official Site "Oishii Machi Abashiri".
  • Please do not display this site in a frame or link directly to images, PDFs, etc., in a manner that causes misunderstanding that the information is part of your website.
  • Please note that page addresses may be changed or pages may be deleted without prior notice.
  • We may ask you to delete the link if the content of your website on which the link is posted violates the law or public order and morals.

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About copyright

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privacy policy

In addition to complying with laws and regulations regarding the collection, use, and management of personal information, this site will handle it appropriately as follows and strive to create a site that everyone can use with peace of mind.

What is personal information

Personal information explained on this page refers to information that can identify an individual, such as address, name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc., provided to Abashiri City through this site.

Collection of personal information

When Abashiri City collects personal information through this site, in principle, the information is provided by the user himself/herself.
In addition, when collecting personal information, the purpose of collection will be clarified and the information will be collected within the scope necessary to achieve that purpose.

Restrictions on use of personal information

Collected personal information will be used within the scope of the purpose of collection. Personal information will not be used or provided for purposes other than collection without the consent of the user.
However, certain cases stipulated by the Personal Information Protection Ordinance (when based on laws and regulations, when the purpose is to maintain public order and safety, etc.) are excluded.

Management of personal information

We will strictly manage the collected personal information and take appropriate measures to prevent leakage, misappropriation, falsification, etc.

Cookie policy

Use of cookies

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A cookie is a file that saves the user's access information for a certain period of time and uses it when accessing again. The cookie file remembers your actions on the homepage so that you do not have to re-enter your information when you return to the site.
Using the Site may create multiple cookie files in your web browser. By using these cookies, Abashiri City will be able to analyze the usage of the site.
Even if cookies are used, it is not possible to identify the user's name, e-mail address, or other information related to the user's computer.
Abashiri City may also share cookie information with data controllers and designated third parties. In addition, when providing information through joint use or outsourcing, it does not correspond to disclosure or provision to a third party.

When to disable cookies

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This site collects data using Google signals. Google Signals collects visit data in Google Analytics and associates that data with the logged-in user's Google account information in a non-personally identifiable manner.
(However, only users who have consented to the association for the purpose of ad customization will be eligible for association.)
For details, please refer to the relevant Google site below.

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Google Analytics Terms of Service

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Some social networking services (SNS) may send user ID and Information such as the site you are accessing may be automatically sent. See below for details.
"Notes for SNS users" (Personal Information Protection Commission website)
For details such as the scope of information to be sent, please check the privacy policy of the social media and other services used on this site below. (Only major services listed)




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This site may post advertisements of Abashiri City on various sites on the Internet by partnering with multiple advertisement distribution companies.
Advertisement distributors use user attribute information such as cookies and access data to distribute advertisements that match the user's hobbies and preferences. In addition, if the user is set to accept cookies, the advertisement distribution company will acquire cookie information such as the browsing history of the user who visited this site, and use it on the advertisement space of the advertisement distribution company , Abashiri city advertisements may be delivered. The user's cookie information acquired by the relevant advertisement distributor will be handled according to the privacy policy of the relevant advertisement distributor.
The user may be able to stop the use of cookies and access data by the ad distributor by accessing the opt-out page of the ad distributor and disabling (opting out). In that case, advertisements that match the user's tastes and preferences may not be delivered, or the same advertisement may be delivered repeatedly.
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