I want to see it once in my life

Superb view

The pure white world of the best part

Drift ice

It takes your breath away when you see it for the first time
Pure white ice floes wash ashore on the surface of the sea, creating a landscape that you have never seen before.
Where did this white ice come from?
If the conditions are right, there are times when the drift ice shines even more beautifully.
It is the sunset falling on the drift ice.
The sun setting over the ice floes that land on the shore shines like an orange sapphire.
It is a superb view that you should see once in your lifetime.

A superb view representative of Hokkaido

Cape Notoro

A cape jutting out into the Sea of Okhotsk.
The reading of "notoro" comes from the The Ainu language "no-oro", which means "at the cape".
The sea that spreads out below is the Sea of Okhotsk.

Standing on the cape, looking at the horizon of the Sea of Okhotsk, time flows slowly.

You can reconfirm the smallness of human beings in front of nature.

Cape Notoro has different expressions in spring, summer, autumn and winter.
In winter, drift ice comes ashore, and the contrast between the expansive Sea of Okhotsk that spreads out below and the drift ice that fills it is a sight you'll want to see at least once.

No matter when you come, you can discover a new Cape Notoro.

The best red scenery in Japan


There are places that turn bright red in autumn. It is the Glasswort colony of Lake Notoro.
The Glasswort that dyes the lakeside red is an autumn tradition of Abashiri.

In the best time to see it in autumn, the scenery that changes color like a deep red carpet is truly a superb view.

In addition, Lake Notoro is the largest Glasswort colony in Japan.

The bright red and blue scenery of the deep red Glasswort and Okhotsk blue of the sea and sky creates a scenic contrast.

There is a scenery that can only be seen in Abashiri in autumn.


can only be seen here

Cultural facility

A prison you can visit! ?

Abashiri Prison Museum

An open-air history museum with the theme of "Hokkaido development and prison inmates."

Visiting a prison is a scary image. In fact, beautiful buildings designated as important cultural properties and registered cultural properties are lined up.

While having an extraordinary experience, you can imagine the harsh prison life of the past.
Abashiri Prison Museum has a unique atmosphere, like a movie set.

While enjoying the precious buildings,
Enjoy prison history.

Enjoy Drift Ice Anytime

Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum

I want to touch drift ice I want to see real drift ice up close.
The Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum is a dream come true for everyone who wants to touch drift ice.
Real drift ice is on display at the -15°C Drift Ice Experience Terrace, and you can even touch it.

You can also see the drift ice angel "Clione" up close.

The rooftop terrace offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the World Heritage Shiretoko mountain range.
"It's beautiful enough to make you feel like you're in heaven."
Enjoy the spectacular view overlooking the Sea of Okhotsk from the celebrated Tentozan.


The blessings of Okhotsk are exquisite


Crab lovers travel long distances
crabs to eat

Drift ice morning hair crab

There is a reason why hairy crabs are so delicious after the drift ice.

Drift ice brings a spectacular view in winter, but in fact
It also carries large amounts of plankton. This plankton makes the Sea of Okhotsk rich in nutrients. The hairy crabs that grow there shed their skins repeatedly until they are fully packed.

And in the spring after the drift ice is over, the ban on crab fishing is lifted.
Raised in the Sea of Okhotsk surrounded by drift ice
"Drift ice dawn hair crab" fishing begins.

Well packed crab meat, rich crab miso
"Drift ice breakage crab" is exquisite.

Melting jewels of the sea

sea urchin

Crisp granules Smooth mouthfeel
Intense, delicate and aromatic. In Abashiri sea urchin is "Ezo-bafun sea urchin"
Commonly known as red sea urchin, the king of sea urchins
Rich richness and sweetness are the best in the world.

Sea urchins are omnivorous, so they eat anything.
Depending on the food you eat, the taste of the sea urchin itself will also change.

Abashiri sea urchin is strong in the cold ocean currents of Okhotsk.
A gourmet who grew up and preyed on Abashiri kelp, which is full of umami.

Please try the special sea urchin in Abashiri.


beautiful in every season



Yobito Tancho Yuhodo

"Yobito Tancho Yuhodo" on the Yobito Peninsula
As you walk along the well-maintained wooden path in the wetlands, you can hear the chirping of birds everywhere.

Yobito Tancho Yuhodo is a sacred place for bird watching.
Just taking a walk on the boardwalk that tickles your sense of adventure is exciting.

In April, white skunk cabbage blooms profusely, heralding the arrival of spring in Abashiri.

How about taking a leisurely look at the dazzling nature and enjoying forest bathing?


Path of Kando-no-Michi

A road through the fields.
It is Kando-no-Michi of impression that can impress even though it is only that.
A superb view spot where the impressive landscape of the fields continues.
Gently undulating, endless hills that change with the seasons
It reflects a beautiful rural landscape.

Potato fields with white flowers swaying in the wind, golden wheat fields,
A unique painting that will never be the same again.

Feel the vastness of Abashiri with your whole body.


nature cruise

Let's go see whales, dolphins and sea birds!

Boasts a high discovery rate in the vast ocean. The captain is a veteran with 40 years of operating experience.

When it appears in front of you, you can't help but get excited.
If you spot a whale or dolphin, chase it for a while.
Memories of watching them swim gracefully will last a lifetime.


Abashiri Marathon

The Okhotsk Abashiri Marathon runs around Abashiri in September.
In a nutshell, "Superb view gourmet marathon"

Crab soup, Okhotsk Abashiri milk, clam soup, Okhotsk Abashiri Wagyu beef etc.
There are plenty of gourmet foods that represent Abashiri.
The course is also a scenic course. Start in front of the historic Abashiri Prison main gate. After Cape Notoro, which offers a spectacular view of the Sea of Okhotsk, runners aim for the finish line at Omagari Lakeside Park, where 2.6 million sunflowers are in full bloom.

While running, you can enjoy the superb view of Abashiri and gourmet food.


Smelt fishing

A mecca for smelt fishing boasted by the northern land
When Lake Abashiri freezes in winter, the smelt fishing season begins.

Start by drilling with an ice drill
I thought it would be extremely cold on the lake below freezing, but it was surprisingly inside the tent

Lake Abashiri has a good reputation for the density and shape of the fish shadows.
The smelt that can be caught is as large as 10cm
As expected of Hokkaido. It is as big as a pond smelt.

The smelt you catch is made into tempura on the spot. Best freshly fried.

Recommended for winter because you can experience it empty-handed.


Drift Ice Sightseeing Icebreaker

Aurora, an icebreaker that travels through drift ice oceans that cannot be navigated by ordinary ships

Even if it's all over the drift ice, I'm moving forward while breaking the ice. The force is truly a masterpiece.
The sound of breaking ice can be heard from the deck.

If you are lucky, you can see natural monuments such as white-tailed eagles, Steller's sea eagles and seals basking in the sun on the drift ice.

Feel the powerful Sea of Okhotsk with your whole body, where you become one with the superb view.