Seafood nurtured by the Sea of Okhotsk and local processed goods,
Items related to the culture nurtured in this area,
There are special products that Abashiri is proud of.

Recommended souvenirs from Abashiri!

  • Abashiri is the birthplace of frozen surimi! !

    Alaska pollock, the raw material for kamaboko, was once Japan's number one catch. However, it loses its freshness quickly, and if it is frozen as it is, it will discolor. Therefore, in 1960, Abashiri was the first to commercialize "frozen surimi" developed at the Hokkaido Fisheries Research Institute (Abashiri City). In post-war Japan, it is counted as one of the three major food-related inventions: the electric rice cooker, instant noodles, and frozen surimi.


  • Fresh fish, king crab, processed seafood

    Abashiri is a fishing base with the Sea of Okhotsk and four lakes.
    In Abashiri, you can catch a wide variety of delicious marine products and enjoy seasonal seafood.


  • Nipopo

    The etymology was named after the Karafuto Ainu people's ni popo (child of a small tree). People living in northern lands made wooden dolls and displayed them in their homes or carried them around as talismans to protect themselves from hunting injuries and family illnesses. In 1954, Abashiri city made a prototype and sold it among the inmates of Abashiri Prison. The material is Sophora (Paprika, leguminosae), which grows in cold climates. The material is hard and rich in fat, and the surface becomes glossy when stored for a long time.
    • On sale | Abashiri City Tourism Association window
  • Drift ice candy

    Abashiri City commissioned Nagata Seiame Co., Ltd., which continues to manufacture the ice cream, and after many years of trial production, finally achieved a color and shape that is close to the real drift ice.
    The mild sweetness spreads throughout your mouth.
    Drift ice candy small 130g for 216 yen Drift ice candy medium 210g for 324 yen Boxed drift ice candy 390g for 648 yen
    • On sale | Abashiri City Tourism Association window
  • sakhalin irga

    We sell the original wood craft "Sakhalin Irga" with the traditional pattern "Irga" of the northern minority ethnic group "Wilta" as a motif. "Irga" means "pattern" in the Uilta language, and the northern peoples of Sakhalin and Siberia each have their own irga, which is used as the "face" of the people like the Japanese family crest. The swirl pattern seen in the design represents the magnificent flow that occurs when the Amur River melts.

    -Types: Pendants, chokers, bracelets, straps, etc.

    Abashiri Tourism Association

    • On sale | Abashiri City Tourism Association window
    • On sale | Hotels in the city
  • long sky

    Soul food representative of Abashiri, the birthplace of frozen surimi. You can buy it not only at kamaboko shops but also at supermarkets in the city. Also works as a curry ingredient.
    • On Sale | Otani Kamaboko Store
    • On Sale | Yokoyama Kamaboko
    • On Sale | Kitami Food Industry Direct Sales Store
    • On sale | Supermarkets in the city
  • Kimi ga sleeve

    A local sake that uses spring water from Abashiri Katsuragaoka as the brewing water.
    • On Sale | Roadside Station “Drift Ice Highway Abashiri”
  • Abashiri Beer

    "Drift ice DRAFT" is characterized by its bright blue color, which uses drift ice for its preparation water.
    • On Sale | Roadside Station “Drift Ice Highway Abashiri”
  • Kedama

    Kedama is a carefully processed, easy-to-eat hairy crab, one of the delicacies that represent Abashiri. It is a gem of Abashiri where you can easily enjoy the taste of the whole horsehair crab without removing the shell.
  • Okhotsk Abashiri Milk

    High-quality pasteurized milk produced on farms in Abashiri city. It is loved by the citizens of Abashiri and can be purchased at supermarkets in the city and roadside station Ryuhyo Kaido Abashiri.
    • On sale | Supermarkets in the city
    • On Sale | Roadside Station “Drift Ice Highway Abashiri”
  • kara-zake

    "Karazake" enjoyed by fishermen in Abashiri at the port. With a focus on freshness, the shells of the crab legs, which are peeled by hand and have a rich flavor, are roasted over charcoal until they are just as fragrant as they are dried after several drying processes. If you put the shell of the crab legs into hot sake, you can enjoy the original taste of the ingredients and the rich flavor and aroma of the crab.
  • Japanese beef rose

    The golden ratio of Abashiri's branded Wagyu beef "Okhotsk Abashiri Wagyu" and local vegetables such as the special product "Gyojasai"
    • On Sale | JA Okhotsk Abashiri
    • On Sale | Antenna Shop
    • On Sale | JA Okhotsk Abashiri Antenna Shop
  • Azuki jam

    We use adzuki beans from Higashimokoto, Ozora Town, Mokoto City. Recommended not only for bread, but also for toppings such as ice cream.
    • On Sale | JA Okhotsk Abashiri Antenna Shop
  • Nagaimo pickles

    We use yams from Higashimokoto, Ozora Town, Mokoto City. You can enjoy the crunchy texture of yam.
    • On Sale | JA Okhotsk Abashiri Antenna Shop
  • Burdock soy sauce

    We use burdock from Higashimokoto, Ozora Town, Mokoto City. A soy sauce with a rich burdock flavor, recommended for cold tofu, simmered dishes, and mixed rice.
    • On Sale | JA Okhotsk Abashiri Antenna Shop
  • drift ice soft serve

    Bittersweet caramel ice cream with slightly salty blue salt. Enjoy the taste of the Sea of Okhotsk.
    • On Sale | Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum
  • Nipopo Kamaboko

    5 pieces, 10 pieces, 20 pieces This is a Hokuto original popular item that is packed with the freshest surimi and scallops caught in the Sea of Okhotsk in a Nipopo shape.
    Drift ice koban is thickly grilled in the shape of koban! Contains scallops.
    • On Sale | Marukita Hokuto
  • Smelt in soy sauce

    A salty-sweet tsukudani made by carefully selecting smelt caught in Abashiri, which faces the Sea of Okhotsk, and simmering it in a unique recipe. Please use it as a snack with alcohol or as a side dish for rice.
    • On Sale | Roadside Station “Drift Ice Highway Abashiri”

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