Abashiri's local gourmet that you want to taste with all five senses

Not only local vegetables and meat, but also exciting seafood brought by the Sea of Okhotsk.
Enjoy all the delicious sounds, smells, colors and shapes
Please experience Abashiri gourmet full of emotions.

  • Abashiri gourmet in spring

    Abashiri gourmet in spring

    In Abashiri in spring, you can enjoy a variety of delicious ingredients such as hairy crabs, sea urchins, scallops, whales, kinkfish, atka mackerel, cod, octopus, and even freshwater clams from Lake Abashiri.


  • Abashiri gourmet in summer

    Abashiri gourmet in summer

    In Abashiri in the summer, you can enjoy not only drift ice ice cream, drift ice draft, and drift ice curry, but also gelato made by the world's best chefs, Okhotsk Abashiri Wagyu beef, and Abashiri Prison Wagyu beef.


  • Autumn Abashiri Gourmet

    Autumn Abashiri Gourmet

    In autumn Abashiri, you can enjoy various gourmet foods such as Abashiri champon, “tempura (fried kamaboko)”, and “kara-zake” made from Abashiri's specialty, crab shells.


  • Abashiri gourmet in winter

    Abashiri gourmet in winter

    In winter in Abashiri, you can fry the smelt you caught on the frozen Lake Abashiri on the spot, and enjoy the cocktail "Planet of Blue" inspired by drift ice.


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