Museum Abashiri Prison

An open-air history museum with the theme of "Hokkaido development and prison inmates"

Abashiri Prison Museum is an open-air history museum that preserves the building that was actually used in Abashiri Prison since the Meiji period.
The buildings of Abashiri Prison have been relocated and restored Tentozan up Mt.
In February 2016, 8 buildings in 2 buildings were designated as national important cultural properties: the building, the central lookout, the government building, the teaching hall, and the Abashiri Prison Futamigaoka Prison Branch.


Recommended points from the person in charge

At the Abashiri Prison Museum, we reproduce the menu of the meals currently eaten by the inmates in Abashiri Prison and offer them as "Experience Prison Food". You can taste the "secret recipe hidden in the wall", which is said to be "surprisingly delicious" by everyone who has eaten it, so please come to the prison cafeteria.

Basic information

  • Address

    1-1 Yobito Abashiri City Yobito, Hokkaido 099-2421

  • Business hours

    *Last entry is 1 hour before closing.

  • Regular holiday

    December 31st and January 1st

  • Price

    Adults 1,500 yen High school students 1,000 yen Elementary and junior high school students 750 yen

  • Access

    From JR Abashiri Station on foot: about 40 minutes By car: about 7 minutes
    About 10 minutes by tourist facility tour bus or taxi

  • Parking

    Parking is free. There are 2 parking lots on the premises. There are 400 passenger cars, 21 bus lanes, handicapped lanes, and motorcycle lanes.

  • Facility

    There is a free Wi-Fi spot.

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