Yobito Tancho Yuhodo

Both walk in the wilderness and bird watching

The Yobito Birdwatching Trail is located on the Yobito Tancho Yuhodo Peninsula, which juts out into Lake Abashiri. You can take a walk in nature and enjoy bird watching. In spring (around mid-April), you can see a colony of Asian skunk cabbage.


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A promenade on the Yobito Peninsula protruding into Lake Abashiri where you can fully enjoy the great outdoors, and is designated as a wildlife sanctuary where you can also enjoy bird watching. In spring, a large colony of Asian skunk cabbage blooms in profusion around the promenade.
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    Yobito Abashiri City Yobito, Hokkaido 099-2421

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    Start/End/Route: Abashiri City/Yobito Peninsula Length: 7.0km

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    Abashiri Tourism Association TEL.0152-44-5849 FAX.0152-44-5844

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