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  • Tentozan /Yobito area

Empty-handed and easy! Smelt fishing

At Lake Abashiri, which boasts the highest catch of smelt in Hokkaido, you can easily enjoy fishing for smelt without bringing anything. We have a rental set that includes all the fishing equipment (recreational fishing fee), so if you arrive completely warmed up, you can start enjoying fishing right away.
[Tools until 15:30]
[Last reception for tempura set until 14:45]


Recommended points from the person in charge

Lake Abashiri is a brackish lake connected to the Sea of Okhotsk through the Abashiri River. You can aim for smelt over 10 cm long as the smelt that descended to the sea comes upstream!

Basic information

  • Genre

    OK for one person, for children, for families

  • Address

    823-2 Yobito Abashiri City Yobito National land

  • Period

    2024/1/5-3/20 *May close early depending on ice conditions
  • Implementation time

  • Reservation/reception

    No reservation required
  • Price

    Set price including recreational fishing fee: 2,200 yen for adults / 1,750 yen for children [Set contents: recreational fishing fee, rental rod, tackle, bait, hole drilling, rental chair]

  • Required time

    from 1 hour

  • Access

    About 20 minutes by bus from Memanbetsu Airport.
    About 10 minutes by bus from Abashiri Station.
    (Get off at the bus stop, Abashiri Kanko Hotel Mae, walk 300M. Along Route 39.)

  • Parking

    Parking available

  • Others

    [Tools until 15:30] [Last reception for tempura set until 14:45]

  • Inquiry

    Click here for reservations by phone: 0152445849

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  • Number of people

    any number of people

  • Place

    Lake Abashiri Yobitoura Smelt Fishing Venue

  • Organizer

    Abashiri Tourist Association

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